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My Mother was from Boston, she met My father on a blind date; he proposed that day. Thank god, if he hadn’t I may never have went to Boston.  On trips to visit Nana Mimi, Papa Duff & the rest of the relatives I would live on clam chowder from the Harmony Bar in Chelsea. It was thick, rich and creamy! And What would a trip to Boston be without a trip to Anthony’s Pier 4.

The Maine Lobster there is amazing. Nothing like dissecting a  Maine lobster with the crack of each shell, taking that little fork and pulling out that sweet piece of meat, dredging into the butter , pulling it up to your mouth as a little butter drips on your chin. you delightfully savoir while in search of the next section.

When I was a pre-teen Aunt Sheila was on the scene. She took us to Revere Beach, where tide was low and temperature was high. That’s when I had My first Lobster roll at Kelly’s roast beef. I know go figure the best lobster roll was at a Steak shack. So come and enjoy the fruits of my childhood on lobster week.

Fun fact:

Lobster’s history as an aphrodisiac can be traced back to Greek mythology. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born of the sea and it was believed that sea animals were creatures of love especially Lobster. Greek mythology aside, there are many scientific reasons that help prove how lobster contributes to increased sensual pleasure. Not a fact, however its like praying, what the harm?

Monty's is now part of Valley Relics Museum

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